Practice Talk #5: How we see ARTS in AI era?

A talk with Hà Châu Bảo Nhi, Cẩm-Anh Lương, Christian Berg, and curator Nam Nguyễn to discuss the artists’ practices, their approaches to AI, and critical reflections on the application of AI within the art world.


A talk that aims to reflect the expriences and share the outcomes of the projects of “Future Ancestors”, a intensive program on creating “future heritage” for students of creative disciplines at RMIT University Vietnam and Melbourne.

Talk: When Engineers Work With Artists

A talk with the MakerLab engineer team on the topic of data technology, smart device systems (IoT) and the application of these technologies in some notable art projects.

Practice Talk #1: Embedded Technology In Future Materials

Talk with Donna Cleveland and Tran Thao Mien on the creative potential that technology brings to the crafting world. Donna will share about their researches and the work they have done with students RMIT’s Textile Technologies course which present in the form of an installation titled ‘Beyond Textiles: crafting tomorrow’s material innovations’ as part of showcase Mind & Machine.

Pathways to circularity & sustainability

This panel talk will highlight the pathways followed by Vietnamese fashion and textile enterprises to adopt the concepts of circularity in the drive towards sustainability.

Creative Space for Creative Minds

Synthesising from ELLE Deco Network’s Trend Report 2022, alongside conversations with studios specialising in office design, ELLE Decoration Vietnam will attempt to create a quick sketch of an ideal office model for the Vietnamese creative minds.

AI for whom?

Which creative industries are the earliest beneficiaries and benefiting the most from AI, and which areas of expertise need redefinition in response to this almost irreversible tide?