Talk On Ai For Whom?: Should Not Say No To AI!

On the afternoon of 23.11, ELLE Decoration continued hosting an intriguing talk at VFCD titled “AI for Whom?”. The event raised an issue that seemed new yet very familiar with artificial intelligence (AI) – a factor not yet identified as good or bad for the future of the creative industries. The talk’s guests include two knowledgeable and experienced speakers in interacting and applying AI – engineer Dr Lâm Xuân Nhật and producers Trương Huyền Đức – as well as young audiences interested in the topic.

Multimedia producer Trương Huyền Đức, an advisor to the Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS – Oscar Awards), opened the event with an overview of the most basics about AI for the audience to grasp the concept. From what AI as a concept includes, how different it is compared to traditional programming methods, how AI reads out patterns to make decisions; to why AI is necessary and how we can “train” it, all were explained for easy understanding through practical examples.

Trương Huyền Đức also presented his viewpoint on whether AI is good or bad in his field of art and design. AI has no fear or hesitation in creativity, AI gives more freedom to humans to express what they want to without the need to spend time learning painting techniques, AI provides technology support for humans, and therefore there is no reason to deny the technological nature of AI. While AI’s nature is not bad, humans can embed in it corrupt motives such as stealing artistic styles or using deepfake.

Engineer Dr Lâm Xuân Nhật – the other speaker of the event has spent years in technology production and AI application during his career. Recently, he is developing the metaverse Rove that helps everyone build their own virtual space. At the event, he introduced Rove and how the developing team applies AI in building the platform, creating generated art with its almost unlimited development.

According to engineer Lâm Xuân Nhật, the biggest fear with AI is that humans can not control AI; but that is a distant future since AI currently still has limitations. However, the AI power of data collection is much greater than that of humans, and AI can generate new ideas which humans can further develop.

In the Q&A session, numerous concerns on AI were raised, such as whether humans can be replaced by AI, how to be less dependent and not be replaced by AI, and the channels to approach and utilise AI. Fundamentally, AI is akin to a tool that starts a revolution of changes, the fact that AI can replace humans in certain tasks is the reason why humans must always move forward, using AI effectively. As of current, AI is widely accessible, with AI tools that can be easily found to serve certain tasks or jobs. AI is not something of the future, it is of the present./


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