Capivating creativity in the workshop Big Draw “From Scheme to Visual”

“What does your happiness ‘look’ like?” “What to do with a fish sauce dish that has too little sauce left to scoop out of?” – one abstract question and one detailed question, but you could answer them all by “drawing” in the workshop “From Scheme to Visual”, an exciting event presented by RMIT Visual Arts Club (RVAC) and Big Draw in VFCD 2021.

“In the spirit of the Big Draw, we want to spread the message that anyone can use ‘drawing’ as a useful tool in everyday life”, said Lý Dũ Khánh Hân, RVAC member. “Drawing is not only for the sake of aesthetics, what’s important is that it’s a way of thinking, that’s what we learned at school, so I think this method could help anyone in any profession in their thinking, brainstorming, and developing ideas.”

Khánh Hân was one of the four facilitators in the workshop on November 6, alongside Nguyễn Quý Nhật Hà, Huỳnh Quế Ý and Quế Anh – a dynamic group of RMIT University Vietnam’s students and core team members of the school’s Visual Arts Club. With their friendliness, enthusiasm, and easy-to-understand way of communicating, these four young people brought about an interactive, engaging, exciting, and captivating atmosphere for the participants.

Through suggestions, lively illustrations, and small exercises in the workshop, participants learned a new way to think creatively. “From scheme to visual in 5 steps” included: Analysing the topic, identifying keywords, linking keywords to familiar images, composing the picture and drawing – a visual thinking method that could be applied to every aspect of life.

“I think what’s great about this method is you can see the overall picture of a problem and how everything is linked together”, said Liên Lê, a workshop participant.

Example on how to use the “From Scheme to Visual” method to come up with an invention for an everyday problem.

The team revealed that this “5-step recipe” is the result of their learning process as well as personal experiences, hoping to share with everyone a visual method of thinking in the most simple, easy-to-understand manner.

A club gathering art lovers in RMIT University Vietnam, RVAC regularly hosts diverse art activities. The workshop “From Scheme to Visual” is the first time RVAC presented an event for people both in and outside the school, said Khánh Hân.

“We don’t know how everyone will react, whether we will deliver it well…”, Hân recalled the initial moments, and finally “was excited to see everyone welcoming our questions and methods.”

“Many have the presumption that they are not creative, or that they cannot think of any idea. But I’m very happy that in this workshop everyone has tried to put on their thinking cap, to follow the suggestions and brainstorm the answers. It’s a great beginning to start applying this (visual thinking) method”, said Nhật Hà, one of the four facilitators.

Within the two-hour workshop, amazing and surprising ideas were presented under two themes: “Draw your happiness” and “Solution to an everyday problem”. Let’s take a look at these results of creative thinking with images from our workshop participants.


Written by Hải An

Photos provided by RMIT Visual Arts Club (RVAC)

Translated into English by Đinh Vũ Nhật Hồng


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