Talk a moment to relax in the world of Lon Xon Nhu…

In 2021, the team of Lộn Xộn had a marvelously impressive debut with their online exhibition at Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design, leaving many in “perpetual yearning”. Right on their track, this year, Lộn Xộn Project continues the “creative race” with their exhibition Lộn Xộn Như… (lit. Messy As…), which is completely virtual! This is an advantage that allows VFCD audiences, no matter in which corner of the world they are, to float along the Mekong River with Lộn Xộn Như… without spending a dime.

Entering this exhibition, you board a boat to explore the beauty of the Mekong Delta… as if you are walking in the place in real life. The interwoven colours that seem to have no rules, and the complex appearance of the exhibition that can at first make someone “overwhelmed” because it’s too vibrant, too bright, turn out to be the most vivid memory when one talks about the project’s visual. The team of Lộn Xộn, with their advantage of being the children of the Mekong Delta, conveys the most unique features of their hometown through the graphics: rivers full of boats all filled with goods, rows of coconut trees, lush gardens of fruit and flowers, houses, bridges, and pagodas… all bear the signatures of the local culture…

Every year trees grow new leaves, and Lộn Xộn team… renews their story. Hopefully next year, we will see Lộn Xộn team introducing a story with an even more unique and captivating narrative!


Hà Bi