Juliana Vrady And Andrey Vrady Astonish VFCD Audiences With Art-science Projects

In the first gathering with multimedia artists Juliana Vrady and Andrey Vrady on the evening of Sunday 20.11, the audiences had the chance to enjoy the duo’s amazing cross-disciplinary art projects using interactive mapping technology and AI to “read” and “draw” emotions, and to better understand the inspiration and chances that help them connect with experts of other backgrounds.

Starting out as a graphic designer, Andrey Vrady then began to experiment with multiple devices, forms of expression and materials such as photography, digital printing, digital collage, and light performance techniques…

The opportunities for them to make connections with other fields came about organically: they connect with music bands and artists to create an audio-visual performance, with performance artists for an expression performance, with technology and creative hubs to create an immersive art experience.

On the role of sounds in visual art practices, Juliana Vrady said: “A projection without sounds is nothing, because you would not be so immersed in the projection.”

The duo are well-aware of their mission for cross-disciplinary collaboration in practising arts: “Interdisciplinary projects like art & science, art & technology nowadays are very popular in Europe, and maybe not only in Europe. But why are those projects important? Now, we’re living in the centre of digitalisation, and the problem is there are many know-hows from scientists that are not accessible to the public. The artists were asked to help them, to connect them with the public, to make their know-hows accessible.”

Juliana and Andrey have truly delivered inspiration for both the artistic and the technological aspects of the projects to the hearts of those who attended the talk. For young people and industry outsiders, the “science” elements become more familiar, easier to understand and to grasp with the duo’s presentation on a DNA simulation project or an interactive exhibition using artificial intelligence. By transforming AI-powered sensors for human emotions, from the language of science and programming to a universal language with recognisable colours and magnificent images, the couple excited the audience and broadened their understanding as well as technology experiences.

The talk is a gathering that made the perfect launch pad for VFCD audiences to learn more about this interesting duo before entering the four intensive workshop sessions with them on realising art – science projects. There’s a lot more to look forward to!


Nguyệt Cầm