Insomaniaction Collective: Interconnected Space Of Cross-Disciplinary Creativity

Insomaniaction Collective is the youngest among the five pairs going into the next round of Creativity Challenge Playground – VFCD 2022, with its three Gen Z members: Bùi Bảo Trâm, Văn Khánh Như, Văn Ngọc Hồng Phước. Their idea though is of large scale: a creative space where different people from various backgrounds can meet and connect. 

This creative space has seen the initial steps of realisation, with their first event in mid-August – Night Vision. The event was inspired by the youth who are “night owls”, together treading the roads of music, art, creativity and enjoying “insomnia” – a “hallmark” of young people and creatives. 

Their first event was quite a success with a cross-cultural act of visual art, experimental music, interactive art and community engagement, featuring art by young artists on display, a music night with experimental tracks, hand-poked tattooing, experimental video screening… and overnight chats. Within a limited time for preparation, the team managed to create key visuals for their very first event with the impressive neon green as the primary colour, and strings after strings of words representing ever-flowing thoughts that come at night; along with a Gen Z style content. It could be said that in this very first event of theirs, Insomaniaction evoked curiosity in the audience by going with an unorthodox manner of visual and content creation, which has been saturated on social media. 

While receiving many positive feedbacks from event participants and, in terms of finance they were also… break even (!), the three project founders know that for Insomaniaction Collective to continue in the long term, they will have a lot of work to get done.

The first event of Insomaniaction Collective with visuals and content in a very Gen Z style. 

Entering the next round of Creativity Challenge Playground – VFCD 2022, Insomaniaction Collective set the ambition to create a space that gathers and connects people from various fields, while also acting as an archive and research centre on human in different disciplines. By holding regular thematic gatherings, Insomaniaction facilitates opportunities for young people from different sectors to “encounter” and “collide”, therefore engage in conversation and opening up new perspectives, creating brand new collaborations between distinctive cultures. From this point, the project hopes to establish an archive system for members to look up and exchange information. In the context where data on multidisciplinary creativity, arts and culture is still limited, and the archive and distribution of these information have not received adequate attention, this system would play a crucial role.

Insomaniaction Collective wants to become a space where young people can come to learn, connect and grow together.

Whether you work in the industry or not, upon arrival, you could imagine how huge the workload and time needed for this project. VFCD organisers and the consultant committee for this year’s playground have tremendous interest in this Gen Z team Insomaniaction Collective. Join us and see how Insomaniaction will grow and develop in the next three months!

(Images provided by Insomaniaction Collective).

Bùi Bảo Trâm 

Year of birth: 2000

Pseudonym: Rab 

Fields of operation: nghiên cứu nghệ thuật, giám tuyển, tổ chức sự kiện

Role in the project: co-founder, event and partnership manager

Notable works in: Mad Visions exhibition, Nổ Cái Bùm, Urban Layers exhibition…

Văn Ngọc Hồng Phước

Year of birth: 2003

Fields of operation: product design, graphic design, vocalist 

Role in the project: co-founder, art designer 

Notable works in: Những Đứa Trẻ Tăng Động (Hyperactive Kids), Mona Evie

Văn Khánh Như

Year of birth: 1999

Fields of operation: marketing và truyền thông

Role in the project: co-founder, marketing & human resources manager, content creator 

Notable works in: Snob Coffee, local handbag designer brand LUUVIETANH

02 / 09 / 2022

Bi Xu