Insomaniaction Collective And The Stories “Behind The Scenes”

Insomaniaction Collective (IC) made their appearance in the talk in a way that could not be more “commoner”: sitting on a mat! In the discussion were the stories behind the ongoing projects and the resulting lessons learnt from them

The youngest team among the five creative pairs in the Creativity Challenge Playground 2022, yet also the most “adventurous”, IC did not limit themselves to the funding provided by the organisers, and even proactively sought other resources with the aim to create a creative space under the theme of Đám Cưới Miền Tây (Mekong Delta-styled Wedding). While parts of the project were finished, the young trio simultaneously faced challenges: financial difficulties due to unsuccessful calls for sponsorship at the end of the year, obstacles in time, human resources, and management of tasks of all scales…. Bùi Bảo Trân also talked about the psychological and mental health challenges when working on projects such as this. It is evident that behind a project are relentless efforts that sometimes, not giving up is already a major endeavour.

With those “hurdles”, the project Đám Cưới Miền Tây will jog rather than run according to the initial schedule, which means January 2023 instead of December 2022 as announced. The team still hopes to finish all the scopes planned, to have a complete, marvellous, and exciting “wedding” for the audience.

Keep following Insomaniaction Collective’s journey even when VFCD 2022 ends. If you have seen their initial works at De La Sól, don’t forget to leave us your feedback at:


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