Exhibition “In The House On The Street”: Adore Hanoi In The Youth’s Way

“Debut” after a long time of preparation, the exhibition “In the House On the Street”, co-created by 05 Design Studies students of RMIT University, garnered substantial attention from VFCD 2022 visitors in Hanoi. Adoring Hanoi not through music or poetry, the group of students presented what were the most familiar features of Hanoi on graphic designs, bringing design elements and modern technology into their works.

05 artworks of 05 different graphic design styles gathered in the exhibition:
✨ “Giao” (lit. Cross): An interactive game taking the concept of a labyrinth, allowing players to move around while experiencing life inside the little houses and alleyways of Hanoi.
✨ “Kho báu Quốc gia” (National Treasures): A direct fundraising work for the National Museum of History of the operational expenses as well as educational projects by trading digitised items.
✨ “Chơi cờ” (lit. Playing chess): An event introducing and promoting the magnificent culture of Cờ Vỉa (playing chess on the streets), inspired by xiangqi and the folk game of human chess at Vietnamese festivals.
✨ “Mời” (lit. Invite): An art installation that celebrates Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hanoi’s in particular.
✨ “Tập thể” (Collective living quarter): A competition born out of the wish to portray memories of the old collective living quarters, helping young people to better understand and pay attention to a gradually disappearing culture and lifestyle.

Take a look back at the exhibition after the one-week-long exhibition.

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Minh Hằng