A Look Back At The Exhibition Here / There After One Week On Display

A project debut in VFCD 2021, here / there keeps its promise and returns after one year of hard work for collaboration between young emerging artists in Vietnam and Australia’s artisans and designers. This is proof of an astonishing fusion of traditional craft and contemporary design practices. Visitors can enjoy the diverse, bold, modern, or rustic and candid designs appropriate to the Vietnamese in the collection Quấn hay Nối, or the prominent indigenous materials such as Bát Tràng pottery, natural fibres from the tropical regions, or rattan… At the same time, these designs also employ new innovations, bringing a breath of modernity that result in a product that is both familiar and contemporary.

The works presented in the exhibition here / there have received tremendous attention from visitors. We invite you to take a look back at the past week of here / there in VFCD 2022 in the images below!

If you visited the exhibition, don’t forget to leave us your feedback at this link: https://bit.ly/3tIP7a3


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